By: Colleen Hammann
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
(5 Min Read)

By: Colleen Hammann
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
(5 min read)

One of the best parts of summer is the time we take to explore new places and book that much needed vacation we deserve. I wanted to offer you a few quick tips to eating out, if you’re prioritizing health! Of course this is by no means to make you feel, “restricted” on your vacation. After all, some of my most vivid memories include trips to the Sundae Times Ice Cream Shop in Spring Lake, NJ with my family and cousins and I wouldn't trade my ice cream sundae for anything; especially after a long day on the beach. It’s all about balance.

As a mother of two (toddler/infant) its important that I do my best to eat right while away because I want to ensure I have the energy to keep up with them! I also want to ensure my toddler is also eating a balanced meal as well to support his satiety so he can play, explore and thrive!

Here are a few tips:

☆ Read the menu ahead of time - I find that choosing what I’m having ahead of time helps me make the best and healthiest decision for my body

☆ Ask how the food is prepared - It may seem silly but the way food is cooked can have a big impact on its nutrition value; don’t be afraid to ask.

☆ Eat Mindfully- Take your time to savor the flavors of your food! Especially if you’re going with company, don’t be afraid to give some attention to the eating process.

☆ If you want Balanced Energy and Nutrition then you better eat a balanced plate- At every meal I always ensure I am eating to balance my blood sugar and ensure satiety with a clean protein, fiber-rich vegetables, good fats and quality carbohydrates. This is the key to feeling satisfied and energetic I can’t stress this enough. So each time you look at the menu ensure you are getting these four for optimum health.

☆ Order 2 appetizers instead of a main- If you’re headed to a place that you know serves massive portions, you can fill up on two smaller appetizers without going overboard. 

☆ Share - My husband and I always share what we eat. It’s something we have always done and it’s so second nature that I can’t imagine eating any other way. This gives you a chance to try more the one thing so you feel satisfied because you are getting a lot of flavor without overindulging. More than not we get two appetizers and one main to split its a great conversation starter because we always give each other our opinions on what we like about the food etc.

☆ Don’t be afraid to substitute your sides - Increase your veggie intake! I always like to consider fiber and nutrients too. For example a potato is technically a vegetable however swapping it for a different veggie, like broccoli, gives me the fiber and has more nutritious value!

☆ Ask for dressing on the side - this way you can control the amount you add! Of course the best option is to ask for olive oil and vinegar

☆ Reach for the water - if you’re looking to make a healthy drink choice, skip the sodas/juices and ask for water.

☆ Bring snacks and coffee’s/teas from home with you - I always ensure that I pack enough snacks for my toddler from the type of clean snacks I like to shop for. This really helps with not only him staying on track but also with the added expense of keeping up with the snack habit of a toddler (ha). I also ensure this for my husband and I pack things like, healthy free- range turkey sticks: my favorite brand is The New Primal and TruvaniThe Only Bar to snack on as well as apples and other fruit options. I even go as far as bringing a sweet treat that we know is clean such as Fine and Raw chocolate bars. We also travel with our Pique Tea Matcha powder as hidden sugar can be found in certain matcha powders.

☆ Substitute a meal with a shake - With a toddler and an infant in tow its not always the best use of time to eat out for three meals. We typically grab a shake from somewhere like Playa Bowls to keep ourselves on track and maximize our time. I personally like ordering my own shake because I like to ensure my shake is well balanced and not a sugar bomb.

☆ And finally TREAT yourself - Don’t limit yourself too much. If you want to indulge in your favorite meal, do so smartly and don’t beat yourself up! My husband and I are big Pizza lovers however we seek out quality spots that offer quality ingredients like pizza made with sourdough instead of traditional white flour. These little ways to stay on track make all the difference so that you can indulge without the guilt. And spoiler alert they taste ten times better.


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