By: Colleen Hammann
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
(3 min read)

By: Colleen Hammann
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
(5 min read)

Dry Brushing 101: What It Is & Why You Should Start
Did you know that your skin is your body’s largest, most eliminative organ?

Your skin may be more important to pay attention to than you think. Healthy breathing skin greatly contributes to overall body health. Adding dry skin brushing to your daily routine improves the overall health of your skin as well as helping your body release unwanted toxins. When your body rids itself of toxins, it is able to run more efficiently in all areas.

If you haven’t tried dry brushing yet then get ready to make this an essential part of your self care morning routine. There are so many benefits that this Ayurvedic technique can bring to your overall health.

While exercise and contraction of your muscles may help improve lymphatic flow throughout the body, dry brushing helps to increase drainage of lymphatic fluids, thereby flushing toxins from the body. Dry brushing helps release toxins thorough sweat. This makes it much easier for the body to sweat, which in turn reduces the amount of toxins flowing through the lymphatic system. Not to mention dry skin brushing helps with muscle tone and more even distribution of fatty deposits. Bonus!

Additionally dry brushing can stimulate circulation and aid digestion, as it acts on the lymphatic system by draining liquids and eliminating swelling, as well as reinvigorating the nervous system by stimulating the nerve endings on the skin. It’s an effective method to help our body dispose of toxins which, if stored for too long, can fuel a general state of inflammation from which infections and diseases arise.

An increased blood flow begins entering the areas you have brushed you will experience an increase in electromagnetic energy. This can leave you feeling energized and invigorated. This is a fantastic way to start the day first thing in the morning!

On the surface your skin will thank you as you will be glowing from head to toe. Dry brushing helps to shed dead skin cells, improving skin texture and cell renewal. As well as tightens and tones your skin by increasing the flow of blood to your skin’s outer layers. This increased
circulation can also help lessen the appearance of cellulite.

The Tool:

Choose a natural fiber brush like one I use the, Hydrea London Professional Dry Body Brush or a long handle version like the G. Tox Ultimate Dry Brush.

Dry Brushing Technique:

Dedicate at least 3 to 5 minutes to dry brushing:

• Use it on dry skin with soft sweeping motions before a shower or bath.

• Start at the bottom of your feet and move upwards towards your heart

• When you start on your arms, begin at the hands and work upward.

• Always brush in long strokes towards your heart.

• You can concentrate more time on the back of your thighs and your buttocks to help break
up the cellulite.

• For the stomach, work in a clockwise direction.

• Finish with a lukewarm shower or bath to wash away dead skin cells & apply oil and
moisturizer to the skin.
Note: Dry brush in the morning and the evening if you are sick. This will speed up your body’s elimination process and you will recover more quickly.

NOTE: Commitment is key to any regimen and dry brushing you can expect to see overall changes inside and out after 30 days.

Please be patient and stay dedicated! You’re worth it!


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